As a film, Almost Adults is mediocre at best. You have a pretty solid performance from Natasha Negovanlis, who plays Cassie, as well as an enjoyable character in Levi played by Justin Gerhard. In addition, Winny Clarke gives a solid performance as Elliot. By far the weakest character is Mackenzie played by Elise Bauman. This isn’t good because Mackenzie is our main character and her weakness is felt throughout the film.

Almost Adults opens very well but after Mackenzie comes out, the film falls into mediocrity. Unfortunately, AA stays in this state of mediocrity until the one year time skip at very end of the film. Is this to say AA is bad? No but it does lack in emotion. This is not to say AA doesn’t have it’s moments, because it does, but it’s moments feature either Levi, Elliot, or Cassie. Mackenzie just happens to be there.

Weak main character and mediocre story aside, the cinematography didn’t help the story. Most films are released in an aspect ratio 2.35:1 but Almost Adults was, guesstimating, released in an aspect ratio of 1.77:1 (16:9). The openness of the shots left you trying to find what you were meant to be focused on. Now 16:9 did work for select shots. A prime example would be when Cassie and Mackenzie are texting Levi at the same time. That scene needed to 16:9 aspect ratio or else what would have been the point? Most of the shots showing what was on a screen required that 16:9 aspect ratio but was it worth it? It’s possible that shots of the screens would be better suited for the film rather than these graphics showing everything. They’re cool but Sherlock does it better. Furthermore, the color pallet is dull. Nothing pops and your eyes just drift around instead of being drawn to a certain object or character.

Though mediocre, Almost Adults was what the trailers portrayed it being. Unfortunately, that’s all it was.


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