Review – Spectre

I really enjoy myself when I watch James Bond films. That being said, I felt that Spectre was too long and didn’t have much meat to it. It had some cool parts, like the entire opening of the film (I’m a sucker for one shots or stuff that looks like one shots), but overall didn’t do much to make me like it. Saying this makes me sad due to how much I loved Skyfall and what Sam Mendes did with that film. Maybe I was expecting too much from Mendes and just in general. I mean after Skyfall, that’s completely possible.
Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall also isn’t that great of a Bond theme. I mean it worked well with the images but I wasn’t really impressed with them as much as I was with Skyfall. I’m comparing Spectre an awful lot to Skyfall for two reasons. The first being that it was the last Bond film and the second being that Sam Mendes directed both.
One thing missing from Spectre that Skyfall had was cinematographer Roger Deakins. Spectre’s cinematographer was Hoyte van Hoytema who is currently doing cinematography for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. I think if Deakins had done Spectre’s cinematography, Spectre would’ve felt a little more like Skyfall which I honestly wouldn’t have minded.
Since we have discussed what I didn’t like about Spectre, let’s talk about what I did. I loved the opening of the film. To say I’m a fan of one shots is an understatement. I’ve always enjoyed seeing them as they have a different feel but ever since the hallway fight in Daredevil season one episode two, I have loved them! Speaking of things I love, Léa Seydoux is amazing! I think I have another actress to watch. One of the castings for Spectre that had always intrigued me was casting of Dave Bautista. Coming off of Guardians of the Galaxy, I wasn’t sure what kind of a role he would be playing. Let’s just say I am very happy he was casted as Mr. Hinx.
For a closing note, I have to talk about the villains of this film. I didn’t fully like either of them because I didn’t feel like they were complete. If Spectre‘s Blofeld and C were combined into one character, I think you’d have an awesome villain!
At the end of the day, Spectre isn’t a perfect James Bond film but it certainly isn’t an awful one.


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